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Join us for Primal Spirituality 1a and 1b – Blessing and Understanding

Learn to connect to the first two gateways of Primal Spirituality in our Primal Spirituality Course!

For two transformative weekends at beautiful Sunrise Ranch, you’ll learn the enlightened principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence to open the first two gateways of experience – Blessing and Understanding.

These courses consists of clear presentations and powerful experiential exercises to lead you into knowing your Primal Spirituality. Led by an experienced team of teacher-facilitators, these courses will help you on your journey to becoming on the outside what you are on the inside—a being of great wisdom and love.


Primal Spirituality 1a – Blessing – May 10-11

On May 10-11, we’ll be opening the first of the seven gateways – Blessing.

Blessing is the flow of Universal Love through the emotional body. Blessing connects a person to others and to the circle of life all around them. It also connects the human experience to the source of love, wisdom and life within each person.

Blessing heals the profound disconnect people feel from themselves and the world, which causes internal discord, disillusionment and low self-esteem. Blessing leads us to feel peace, confidence and joy.

Blessing isn’t an experience you can think yourself through, though once you know the formula, you can consciously allow it to transpire.


Primal Spirituality 1b – May 17-18 – Understanding

The gateway of understanding allows a person to see what most people can’t see – the inner landscape of the human experience. This gateway is all about having a conscious understanding of people’s experiences including your own – to see emotional experiences without judgement.

Understanding brings spiritual intelligence – a awareness of the powerful creative forces that drive the human experience. When you understand these forces, you can harmonize with them and guide them masterfully for optimum results.

The gateway of understanding includes being understood. It includes the ability to let your guard down and be vulnerable to yourself and others. It is the willingness to expose your emotional experience to yourself, so you can understand yourself and gain emotional intelligence.

Understanding is an antidote to emotional disconnection. When we become a compassionate witness to the human experience, a closed heart opens up.


How will your life change after you participate in these courses?  

If you want to overcome subconscious resistance to your fulfillment and happiness…

Embrace the courage to fully be who you are…

Engage the deepest desires of your heart and unleash your brilliance…

Then you need to register for Primal Spirituality 1a and 1b now!


Pricing and details

The Blessing course is May 10-11, and the Understanding course is May 17-18. You may choose to attend one or both of the courses, with a discount if you attend both. Lunch is included and accommodations are available here if you’d like to experience an overnight stay at our gorgeous location. Pricing is as follows:

  • 2-day event: Early Bird $225 / Regular $275
  • 4-day event: Early Bird $350 /Regular $400


Alternative payment options

We believe that money should never stand in the way of getting the spiritual education you desire. That’s why we offer worktrade as well as scholarships to our courses. We also offer non-profit rates for our accomodations.

To make reservations or discuss alternative payment options, just reach out at 1-877-786-0078. Don’t wait – limited spots are available.