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The Inspiration List

The Inspiration List Almost all professional media critics and pundits put out a top 10 or top 100 list of the best films, TV programs, albums, websites, or books of the year. I note that many people question these lists, especially since some choices may seem highly subjective. Indeed many lists have been controversial sinceContinue Reading

Dissension – Friend or Foe?

  So many words, so many points of view, so much conflict and disagreement—Liberal or Conservative, Christian or Muslim, the young or the old, guns or no guns, on and on. Every generation throughout history seems to have experienced some sort of dissension, rebellion, even anger against the status quo. And every generation experiences resentment,Continue Reading


Wasn’t it the great writer, Max Beerbohm, who said, “radio is like a friend in one’s room?” If you’ve ever been in your room alone or despondent and then your favorite song was aired or a familiar radio host said something upbeat, you may recall the “instant friendship” which lit up your otherwise dreary day.Continue Reading