From A High Place


From a High Place

Altitude is needed to live a truly creative and fulfilling life. For our journey, altitude is the ability to see and understand the broad sweep of what is happening in the cycles of our life. Real altitude brings a clear understanding of our own personal history and the collective history of humanity. Altitude creates perspective. Perspective creates a clearer perception of the journey.

With the altitude experienced in this course, participants embrace an enlightened vision of their own lineage—an understanding of the significance of their blood ancestors and the gifts of their ancient spiritual lineage. They find freedom from the limited beliefs of that past. And the course empowers them to be the connecting link that brings compassion, understanding, care and clear direction to our world today and into the future.

From a High Place brings altitude for the participants by creating a powerful inner focus and an opening to a knowing of spiritual reality that is innate for all people. It is a seven-day journey with experienced guides David Karchere, Jane Anetrini and Maureen Waller. On that journey, participants experience a new initiation into their own unique gifts as a human being, and their unique capacity to be of service to other people. They experience a heightened mystical connection with the Divine that leads to an experience of the divine nature of their own being. They feel a blessing and empowerment to express their authentic selves in their world.

The course invites compassion for the parts of ourselves that have been hiding out in shame, or afraid to come into the light of honest recognition and ownership. Participants identify with the presence of universal love that created us all and learn to generously and compassionately give that love to their own humanity. They connect with a wisdom that transcends human limitations, and access power to transmute habitual thoughts, feelings and actions.

The course includes an exploration of mystical sacred writings from both Eastern and Western traditions. Participants engage together in profound dialogue as they navigate their own experience and understanding of the sacred. They engage in personal meditation and reflection, journaling, chant and group ceremony that deeply ground their new vision.

From a High Place is held at the Chalet on Green Ridge, above Sunrise Ranch, in Loveland, Colorado. The work that is done during this workshop is of an advanced nature and it is recommended that a student have completed The Art of Living and The Deepening before applying for this course.

If it is time to see your life from a high place—to gain greater perspective and clarity about your personal journey and your role in it—it may be time for you to attend this course.


From a High Place is designed for people who have participated in the Emissaries’ Deepening Spiritual Expression class, the Leadership Program, or an equivalent program. This is an in-residence program. From a High Place is being offered for the cost of accommodation at Sunrise Ranch and $997 for the program itself. To request an application or to inquire about the seminar, please contact the registrar, Keahi Ewa or or call 970-679-4349. You may register here if you have been accepted to the course.