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Dimensions of Consciousness


Consciousness is realized awareness. In the deepest and most profound reality available, all is one and all is love. This can be difficult to truly comprehend because our consciousness is linked to the mass consciousness of humanity. The mass consciousness is, for the most part, is operating out of fear and a sense of separation. This has been going on for a very long time. Separation is actually an illusion. It is one that is created by the time/space matrix for the purpose of perspective and relativity.

Consciousness is realized awareness. You may be aware of something even if you never actually experienced or realized it within yourself. If you heard that meditation was a good tool to reduce stress and you heard it from enough sources, you would probably believe that there was some merit to the claim. You may be aware of meditation and the potential benefits of it. However if you never actually tried meditation then the awareness of it never becomes realized and you do not reap the benefits of reduced stress.

This is an example of how consciousness works. There are multiple realities within and outside of this one. Every being, or thing, in every dimension, is aware of itself operating within that dimension. They have consciousness, potentially limited directly to the field they are working in, but they have it. You cannot be conscious of something that you have no awareness of and just because you have awareness of something does not mean that you are truly conscious of it.

Our individual consciousness is what relates to the personal identity of a person. As we expand our identity to include more and more of the being within the human—the essence within the form—then our consciousness grows as we become aware of and experience deeper levels of reality within ourselves. This is the goal for each and every human life. To come back to a central place of knowing home as the reality of Self.

There are veils that have been established that keep us from being a
ware of and experiencing these other levels of reality within ourselves until we are ready. The veils act as energetic blockers that keep the different dimensions in check with each other. The lower you move in consciousness, the more separation is the perceived reality and fear is the natural result. The higher you move in consciousness, the more oneness is the perceived reality and love is the natural result.

Vibration is the key to moving in consciousness within dimensions. Higher vibrations may move into the lower dimensions if they have such purpose and desire. Lower vibrations may not move into the higher dimensions until they have embraced sufficient truth and love in order to raise their vibration. It’s like having a children’s table and an adult table. The children play over there and the adults play over here. An adult may bring themselves down to a child’s level to play with them or teach them but a child cannot operate at an adult level until they learn and grow enough to be considered an adult.

When “children” become aware that there is an adult table available, they begin to strive to reach a place in themselves where they can be considered an adult. Remember this metaphor is about consciousness, not human age standards. A child must learn self-responsibility and move through life lessons and growth steps in order to reach a level of experience that would be considered adult.

As the child progresses, they become more advanced than the other children at the table who are not striving to become an adult. When they finally achieve a level worthy of existing at the adult table, they receive a new set of peers and a new set of expectations and integrity for being an adult. They are in a completely new experience that demands all of what they learned and all of the strength they have developed in order to become an adult and sit at the table. It’s a wonderful new world and yet they are back at the bottom in comparison to the other adults and in a completely different league than the other children. Their childish ways have been left behind in order to take up a whole new way of being.

Now imagine this example taken to the infinite degree of advancement moving from one table to a higher level of table. There are veils between different levels of consciousness. You cannot see what’s on the other side until you have done the work and caused the growth necessary to come closer to the veil. As you do so, you grow and advance yourself into a new way of being which leads to a new experience of reality.

-Gary Goodhue


Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.


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  1. Such good stuff, Gary. I want to print it out and there seems no way that I can see to print it out.
    I have an iPad tablet, but cannot find anywhere that says PRINT. Can you please help me?
    Kind regards

    • Could I please have your email address? I am giving a talk on march 1st re THE VIBRASTIONAL ARK and the different levels of consciousness are all in there. Would love to email you on all this.
      Kind regards

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