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Leverage of Loyalty

Leverage of Loyalty

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Think about this question…Where does your loyalty lie? When most people think of loyalty, the mind comes up with images of marriage or being in service to someone higher up in a particular hierarchy. These are true examples of loyalty through a relationship dynamic with another person. There is definitely leverage available in these examples. The more of yourself you invest into a relationship, the more you will get out of it. That is, at least, if you are looking for learning about yourself through the reflection of another. If you’re looking for another person to be the source of your positive experience or emotional states of well-being, then you might find the experience of giving yourself to someone who may or may not return your expectation. Either way, relationships with others can produce wonderful gifts of connection, self-reflection, and understanding about who we are being and who we want to be. The more loyal you are to a relationship, the greater chance it has to produce deeper experiences.

loyalty 2There is also an inner sense of loyalty that leverages greater power and experience towards what you are loyal to. We can be loyal to an idea or set of beliefs, a code of morality or sense of integrity based on our ethics. We get to choose what we hold for ourselves as our personality and our sense of right/wrong or good/bad. These are energetic and mental forms that comprise how we make our decisions and the perspectives through which we view life. The more loyal you are to a particular belief or set of morals, the stronger those energies become within you and the more experiences you will have that reflect those energies or beliefs. It’s really quite simple!

People who believe that life is difficult have trouble manifesting enjoyable experiences. People who believe in their own courage Loyalty 3and strength are more likely to step forward in challenging situations and move through them into victory with confidence and faith. People who believe in lack and limitation will find fault and reason to complain in any situation, regardless of its value and benefits. Because lack/limitation is the energy and thought they are loyal to, they will look for it and be quick to show others that it is there. It works both ways in the polarity, and whether you are conscious of it or not… You are never a victim to your life experiences. You are the creator of them!

There is yet another way that loyalty can be leveraged to enhance your experience of life, and that is through the inner connection. There will always be, in this earthly outer world, someone else willing to tell you the best way for you to act and think, and how to feel and what to do. There will always be people chomping at the bit for you to listen to them as an authority. It is up to each of us to be discerning with where we give our attention outside of ourselves and who we consider an authority.

Loyalty 4We each have an inner connection to the higher realms of spirit. There is a part of ourselves that has an incredibly wide perspective, unknown amounts of wisdom and understanding, and an answer to any question we could ever possibly have. This part of ourselves is our own inner authority. Loyalty to this inner connection and resource is probably the highest vibration of loyalty available to us as humans. It can only be accessed through the stillness of mind and emotion with the surrendering of thinking that you already know the answers. The receptive space of not-knowing and the loyal directing of attention through listening to the inner source allows for the experience of receiving and knowing one’s own inner authority.


To who, what and where you give your loyalty is always your choice…Choose wisely!



-Gary Goodhue


GaryG-profile.picGary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.


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