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Love Radiation and Love Response


Love Radiation is a name given to the continual endless stream of love, guidance and support from the Creator to all of Creation. We each have the ability to respond to this stream, to tap into it and receive that life-giving radiation. We do this by loving it back. It is our first love. Love Response happens through the act of giving your love to the Creator. This allows you to be open to it and receive it deeply. As you give, so shall you receive. You cannot give to others what you have not received yourself first. You cannot give what you do not have to give. And if you are loving the forms of the world more than the invisible essences of Being within all forms, then that is where your response actually is. Are you willing to make your first love your primary love, to respond to it and let it move through you, renew and restore you, and stand in service to it as a source of loving radiation for your world?

Radiation and Response are two energies that are integrally connected, like cause and effect. And just like we do not always experience the effect we desire from our efforts of cause, we may not always experience the response we desire from our efforts of radiation. That is because it is not our job to radiate love as a point of cause to produce an effect. It is our job to love the Creator and to know the love of the Creator, to be open and let love move through our expression without personal filters or human limitations.

Hence… Let Love Radiate without Concern for Results! Otherwise, the love you give to another comes with a conditional expectation of how it’s to be received and returned. If you’re honestly going for a transcendent experience of unconditional love, then you have to let go of all that and just let love radiate through you no matter what the outer response or result is.

The simplest way to let go of concern about the results of how other people are responding to your love is to start becoming more concerned with how you are responding to the love that is being given to you by God. This movement of focus and attention is to love God first and let God’s love move through you. Love God first, this is why God is the first love. Letting God’s love move through you can only happen through the union of receiving God’s love by giving God your love. We have to meet halfway. God’s love is always being radiated but we cannot receive it fully and let it move through us unless we are offering our own love in response.

Be a force of love and support for your world and the people in it by opening up to the force of love and support within you, your connection to the God-Being within you. With this, you can allow love to radiate through your energy field, your thoughts, your eyes, your smile, and your behavior with others. This only happens authentically to the degree that you are responding to the inner radiation of God through your own being. By responding to the Source of love and becoming one with that Source, you can become a representative in earthly form for the true energy of love. You can allow a current of unified love radiation to move out into the world. You can stand in a space that provides a point of response for another and be of great service to your world when you are unified with the love of God. This will, in turn, naturally open you up to receive more of the blessings that life is waiting to deliver unto you. As you give, so shall you receive!

Attunement is a powerful way to align with the presence of God and enhance the flow of life within yourself and others. Here is another simple practice that you might try in order to initiate an opening in your own heart to the flow of love and thereby experience a natural expansion of life.

Review your personal life experiences up until now and identify all the magical ways that life itself has lined up just right to bring you into your next step, unfolding opportunities and possibility. Give thanks for all that has been brought to you up until this point in your life right now. Gratitude helps develop the faith that God will be right there for you manifesting through life with whatever is most important for your own growth and development. Take this attitude of appreciation into every moment and look for what is there to be grateful for. What we think we want and what would most serve us are not necessarily the same thing. Appreciate what is and surrender the expectations and judgments of what you think “should” be.

Life only exists in the present moment and is unfolding perfectly respective to where you are. Your response to the first love allows life to naturally unfold within the divine design of truth because you are oriented in God’s love and operating as a living expression of love. Do you live your life like an expression of true and unconditional love? What are you really giving your love response to? What are you actually radiating into your world?

The greatest love to be experienced has no beginning and will never end. It is the love of the Creator, God or by whatever other name given. It is the love that makes all of life possible and gives the freedom to experience it however you like based on your response. Receive from and respond to your first love, the love of the indwelling presence of Being. You will find yourself more full-filled, more fully emerged and more fully equipped to be an even greater source of loving radiation for your world and all of your loved ones!


– Gary Goodhue


GaryG-profile.picGary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.




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