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Sometimes it seems to me that there are more ideas, thoughts, and dreams in the world than any other thing. I love ideas, thoughts and dreams but, in fact, they can become the end goal, the thing itself rather than the reality they’re meant to manifest—the scientific analogy of turning potential energy into kinetic energy. Potential energy just IS, and is everywhere; creativity and ideas just ARE and they’re everywhere. The challenge lies in turning potential energy into kinetic energy— ideas into reality. A wise friend spoke the other day of “lighting the first candle” (from the miracle related in the Talmud about a 1-day supply of oil keeping the menorah lit for 8 days) to step into a world where our visions and dreams are a reality, and I see the lighting of the first candle as the start of turning a potential, an idea into reality.

What is it that prohibits us from lighting that first candle in everyday life? Could it be fear—of failure, of being judged, of losing love, of being alone? How can we clear those obstacles of fear, loneliness, and separation so that creation manifests? If we can recognize and mitigate that fear, we would be closer to the natural state of creating— turning our ideas into reality and our potential into kinetic energy and fact.

Our fear of loneliness, separation and failure is a natural, human reaction to the negative craziness and atrocious activity that seems to be building in our world to an outrageous peak. In a recent visit to Sunrise Ranch with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Marc Gafni, co-founder of the Center for Integral Wisdom, author, and social activist, shared the concept of Outrageous Love, suggesting that outrageous love is a suitable and effective antidote to the outrageous pain that most people experience at some time in their lives.

We live in a world of outrageous pain. The only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love.

-Marc Gafni  


Outrageous pain gives birth to fear, judgment, loneliness and separation. Marc suggests writing outrageous love letters, not just to our loved ones and friends, but also to our world and everyone in it. In his words:

Write outrageous love letters. Write them to yourself. Write them to reality. Write them to someone in your life that you are close to but you haven’t fully articulated your true love for them. Write them to someone neutral in your life that you have noticed but you actually haven’t found your love for them.

If an outrageous love letter can mitigate pain, fear and loneliness, let’s do it! Who knows, maybe an outrageous love letter is a self-perpetuating energy engine! Here’s mine, to you:

Your life is yours, oh best beloved,
May what you choose lift you up, lift your love.
May you find that most excellent conduit
To love,
For love.
May you create for yourself the way of your truth.
When paths are lit by others’ fire
And creation shows you a way of light,
May you find yourself in that sweet song
Of care, release, and creation,
Wholly lit, wholly yours, wholly free.
May all your sweet, enabled truths
Be shared upon this Earth, so true, so
Wholly yours,
Truly yours.
You are the way that carries your light
To the ends of the world, the end of all
That you desire. Be it so.

-Heather Ryan


heather-ryanHeather Ryan has 30 years of experience as a technical writer and editor, most recently in the health care industry. She currently lives and works at Sunrise Ranch, and loves the opportunity to practice communion and unconditional love in all aspects of her living. Heather is passionate about learning, exploring/traveling, and spending time outdoors, and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to do all of that at Sunrise Ranch in her almost-home state of Colorado.


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