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Protect and Encourage


Do you have something so valuable to you that you would do anything to protect it? Is it an object, a person, an ideal, a feeling or a set of beliefs? Whatever it is, you would probably agree that it is irreplaceable in your life. The more that we value something in our life, the more willing we are to take a stand for it and protect the purity of its essence. What is that thing for you?

When most people think of protection, the idea of battle comes to mind. There is something we hold dear that is seen as being attacked and we feel compelled to offer protection by fighting off the thing that is threatening it. This is a common way of looking at the world, especially from the physical duality perspective that exists in human consciousness. Our history has been marked by generations upon generations of war. We have even had a world war to end all wars and yet the energy of war still continues. Why?

Where your attention goes, your energy flows and that thing grows!

There is a trap in human consciousness that can trick us into thinking that in order to protect something we have to fight against a perceived threat. This shows up in life as war, protest, boycotting, judgment, gossip, the idea of “killing” your ego, and many other ways. When a person’s focus is on the thing they are standing against and fighting, then the spirit of conflict grows. When a person’s focus is on the thing they are standing for and protecting, then the power, value and spirit of that thing increases.

Protection does require standing your ground but for something rather than against something. It may require saying no but only because you know what you are saying yes to. Protection is present to preserve the integrity and purity of the essence of that which you love. In its true form, it looks toward building up the side that you love rather than tearing down the side you don’t. A wise protector may have to employ the energies of defense but will invest much more energy on construction and encouragement.

Encouragement is a powerful energy that we can offer toward ourselves and others. We can support others in their work, personal lives and individual or collective creations. Everyone is, in some way, attempting to create a better life for themselves and others in this world. Too often, we do not realize that our own thoughts and feelings toward others have an influence on them. Are you being encouraging or discouraging toward others and their desires? How about toward yourself and your creations and desires?

We can’t just rely on the people who are around us to be a source of encouragement. We must be our own greatest source of encouragement to succeed. After all, it is our experience! And as you give, so shall you receive. The more you give encouragement to yourself and others, the more you will find it being offered back to you from your world.

The heart can offer support and the emotional energy of encouragement for the body to keep going, doing and creating until the goal is reached. Not many things can manifest in the physical without some application of taking action. Maintaining a positive attitude and a strong feeling of desire for the thing you are creating helps a person to stay motivated and encouraged to follow through until completion. Doubt, fear, cynicism and negative thinking creates a discouraging atmosphere in the mind and heart that leads to resignation and an abortion of the creative process before the fruits of actions can be harvested as success.

However, it’s not all about success. There is another type of encouragement that doesn’t rely on results or expectations of a particular outcome. This is the encouragement of Being that comes from the part of ourselves that is connected to the Divine. This encouragement focuses on conscious awakening, learning, growth and development. The focus from this point of orientation is less on the results of the creation and more on the quality of expression of a person as they move through the creative process of their own experience.

This encouragement consistently calls us into new vistas of awareness and a growing identification of who we are as a Creator Being. Enjoy your creation and its fruits while knowing your Self and your connection to Spirit as the causal creative source for your experience. Follow the thread of desire into creating new realms of possibility for your life expression. Protect what you love and encourage yourself and others to keep evolving into greater and greater expressions and experiences of oneself.


-Gary Goodhue

GaryG-profile.picGary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.





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