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Responsibility of Response


I am the man in the mirror. I am here, and I am now. I can’t escape it. I can’t get away from being here and now, in the present moment. It’s always here and it’s always now. I can’t get away from the man in the mirror. No matter where you go, there you are! You can’t escape yourself.

There’s also one other thing that we can’t ever get away from. Essentially, it’s an indwelling presence of love. There is a high point in each of us, a Godhead within, a Christ, the I Am presence. There is an individuated spark of divinity that lives within every person. You can’t ever get away from it—just like you can never get away from the man in the mirror, or life and existence itself, for that matter.

We have mostly forgotten ourselves as this idealized picture of embodied love. There is so much more to us than what we identify with as the outer individual body/mind and personality, the man in the mirror. Each one of us has one—a person in the mirror, male or female. That man in the mirror, the one that stares back, is sometimes fearful and lost. He/she is full of questions without answers and often doesn’t know what’s going on. It is important to know that we also have another space of being that’s secure and eternal, where all things rest in grace, peace and love.

A sun is an excellent symbol for that inner presence of divinity. I can imagine myself as a sun radiating out my love and light to the world. It is a picture of the embodiment of love. This is an available reality and yet few truly experience it for themselves. We are, each one of us, in this process of becoming, remembering and knowing ourselves as that highest presence of Being.

There is a process of creation that has been defined as the One Law. It consists of radiation, response, attraction, union, and unified radiation. This process is in operation throughout creation all of the time, whether being used consciously or not. It is the underlying principle for the law of attraction. It also governs our inner experience of spiritual evolution and becoming a sun.

Where we really want to be, in regards to manifesting our highest inner reality, is at the end of that process. The unified radiation: radiating in unified measure with that highest place within of Love expressing through you. Even as you and I are Creator-beings, we are also creating in conjunction with life itself. Life is already always playing the game of creation. It’s working with me and you and everyone at the same time. It’s actually operating in a unique response to each one for what types of energies they are radiating out. And the energies we are radiating out, in a large part, are also defined by the energy of that which we are giving our response to.

The first two steps of radiation and response are where I believe we have our greatest power. It’s where I see we have the most choice. It’s like the steps that we take to meet life halfway. Life will take care of all kinds of things, but there are areas that are only my responsibility. I have to be conscious and ask myself some questions.

How am I being in a moment? What is the quality of energy that’s emanating from me? What am I radiating out to my world? What am I responding to in my world? What am I responding to in myself? Am I responding to the personality—the man in the mirror, the body-self? Am I responding to a higher reality, the realm of potential and the presence of love that lives within me? Am I responding to that presence of love within other people?

When I’m in response to something, I’m giving it my attention. I’m focusing on it. I am interested in that and choosing to see more of it. There are so many things to see. I could see so many different things in myself or other people. There are all kinds of personality flaws, dysfunctional patterns and things to judge. There is also beauty and power, strength and wisdom to appreciate. I can see these things in myself, not because I am who I am, the man in the mirror, but because I Am Who I Am. Because there’s something greater inside of me than the little “me” I identify with as the body/mind. I want to give that my attention and respond to that, and draw more of that into my experience and my expression.

That’s what I want to see for every person that chooses that way of life. I know there’s an underlying presence of love, a divinity and a greatness. It’s always there, even when it doesn’t look like it is. Even when I’m in reactive mode, or when you’re in a reactive mode, or life seems drab and dirty, there’s something beautiful that exists. And it’s my choice to see it! It’s there—I can see it or not. I can see the darkness or I can see the light. They’re both always present, in me and everywhere else. But I have a choice as to what I want to see and for what I’m looking at. And that’s what I’m responding to.

As I choose to see the infinitely existing underlying reality of love within myself, as my own higher reality, and within you and everything, life just has a way of magically bringing things together. Before I know it, I’m existing as that and I’m radiating out that energy into my world. That’s how the One Law works and it’s always working, on one end of the scale or the other. The principles work the same, whether it’s love or fear, anger or joy, abundance or lack. Whatever we’re responding to, we eventually end up radiating that same type of energy out into the world. That’s why it’s so important to choose what we focus on and give our response to.

When we make that choice consciously, continually and with intention, that’s called commitment. The commitment of continuing to make the choice to see with love will draw magic. Life naturally takes care of the details. Life is responding to us—it can be magical. It can be, and it is. This is a core Emissary teaching, practiced by many for over eighty years. It’s been demonstrated by people living at Sunrise Ranch through multiple generations. And there has been magic happening in many ways, all through that time. Every person has access to the potential of that magic.

What it really takes is a desire, a hunger and thirst for that experience, and a commitment to staying in that space of being aware and conscious of choosing my response. What am I responding to? What am I choosing to see? What types of energies am I focusing on? What am I inviting into my consciousness?

And then when you center in love and when magic happens, forms will show up—beautiful, amazing gifts and opportunities and people and forms. That’s all part of the process, and it’s beautiful. However, I don’t want to let the forms take my attention away from being in that flow of focusing on the vibration of love that I’m responding to and radiating from. Because as soon as I get lost in the forms, I could get attached to them and start investing into them as the source of my experience. The forms are responding to the essence, or the energy that we are radiating and the words and actions we use to express that radiation.

Sometimes, I forget about all of this and get caught up in my own ego personality and what’s mine and how well I’m being treated. Then when I catch myself playing out dramas and reactions, I go back to the beginning. I go back to the center of myself as Cause and take responsibility for my experience.

What do I want to give to my world? What energy am I holding in me that I’m expressing? Is it of love or some other energy? Am I nurturing and responding to that most important relationship within myself? What about that inner relationship reflected in others?

We have power of choice and power of commitment. As conscious creators, those are very powerful tools. Choose to connect with the highest essence of love, that Being of Love within you. Choose to see your world through eyes of love, and see the love that’s already always there. Then be a radiant beacon of that love. And enjoy the magic show as life takes care of the rest!


-Gary Goodhue


Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.





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