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Shambhala is Within


Shambhala is Within

Shambhala is Within

Incomprehensible longing. Endless pilgrimage. It must be out there. Somewhere.

You know it, feel it. It is real. You can feel it in your gut. You see it, but you cannot find it. Veils surround it. Momentary glimpses, sensings, swishes – of air, of scent, of sound, of Home.

The legend of Shambhala says that the last incarnation of Vishnu will emerge out of Shambhala to usher in the Golden Age. It is the portal. Sacred transformation. Spiritual alchemy.

That which was and is no longer, in form; but lives forever in the eye of the heart. To which we will return. It is living, it is motion, it is time and space in intricate fractal dancing. Eternal present.

Breathe in stillness and it is there. Within. Never gone.

If only we could stop running, searching. We can never find the ineffable. But it can find us. If we let the magic guide us. Deep, silent pathways full of gold and silver and amethyst. Full of crystal and comfort; full of Love and Truth. It is Life.

It breathes us, and lifts us to heights of infinite space. It blends us, in perfect matrix, abundant cornucopia of color and texture, of all that feeds us most deeply, satiating the tired heart.

Drawn on silk tapestry. Effortless and easy. Light and full. I enter in, to what was always there. And I rest in this City of Gold that I never left. I am Whole. I am Home. I Am that I Am.


– Maria Zayas


MZayas portraitDr. Maria Zayas is a practicing psychologist, teacher and researcher in integrative health and well-being. Dr. Zayas uses her scientific knowledge and holistic perspective to design growth experiences that are uplifting and playful. She is a great believer in the healing power inherent in everyone, and the power of a caring community in restoring the capacity of individuals to live a full, meaningful and joyful life.


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