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The Longing for Home Fulfilled


There’s a great longing in humanity for the experience of home. Because of that longing, and because of a longstanding misinterpretation of how the experience of home can be found, there’s been countless attempts to create comfort and peace, the primary components of the experience of home. What makes matters worse is that the longing for stability, comfort, safety and the yearning for a better life, is played upon by manipulative aspects of the world—advertising, politics, religions and many more. In some way, we actually know very well that these things cannot deliver what we long for most—never will—but still the dream that is spun can seem so real.

In truth, it is the separation from Source that creates the experience of lack of home. And no matter what we try to do to address that lack, there will never be an experience of home while we retain a state of separation.

The separate state arises in our lives because our humanity becomes a distraction from our true primal identity. We lose connection with our original state of being and our sense of true purpose because so much attention is placed on our human identity and it seems that that’s who we are. It seems that we have to fix the broken parts of ourselves and if we’re successful, then we’ll have the experience of wholeness and home, then we’ll know who we really are.

Unfortunately, there’s a pervasive amnesia of what true home really means and how it comes about. And the frantic endeavors to create the experience of home are based on the wrong premises. Some creature comforts or worldly abundance may seem to satisfy for a while but all too soon the comfort wears thin and the void of separation must be faced again.

In choosing to live a conscious spiritual life, to be creator-beings in our lives, those of us who have chosen to bring something different—to bring an invitation, to welcome others to come home—we have to look beyond our everyday, common experience for our meaning and our purpose, because it doesn’t reside there. Our everyday life provides us with opportunities to make choices that will determine what our life experience will be. But who is doing the choosing? We really do create our reality and what we create impacts the other people around us.

In this excerpt from a piece called “Destiny,” the poet David Whyte speaks of a fundamental choice to consider:

The way we face the world alters the face we see in the world.

Strangely, every person always lives out their destiny no matter what they do, according to the way they shape the conversation, but that destiny may be lived out on the level of consummation or complete frustration, through experiencing a homecoming or having to endure a distant sense of exile, or more likely some gradation along the spectrum that lies between. It is still our destiny, our life, but the sense of satisfaction involved and the possibility of fulfilling its promise may depend upon a brave and sometimes bravely alone sense of participation, a willingness to hazard ourselves in a difficult world, a certain form of wild generosity with our gifts; an increasing familiarity with our own depths, a continually discovered, surprising breadth and depth, and always, a practiced, robust vulnerability.


Much in our world depends on “a brave and sometimes bravely alone sense of participation, a willingness to hazard ourselves in a difficult world…,” a courage born of conviction of the certainty of fulfillment and victory in a world that seems to be fully invested in failure and destruction.

What a priceless gift we have to bring—the message that this world can be the home it was created to be and we, as humanity, have the power to make it so!


-Phil Richardson


Phil RichardsonPHIL RICHARDSON is an international speaker and teacher who invites people to reconnect with their deeper innate spiritual awareness and to bring that awareness into their everyday lives.


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