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The Penetrating Power of Universal Love

How important it is at the beginning of a new cycle, such as it is at the beginning of a new year, to find a place of stillness, an internal silence, from where we can sense the potential of what lies ahead, what might already be showing itself if we pause long enough and still enough to see it. I’ve been doing some of that over the last while and I was looking for a word that might describe the most important primary energy that I feel is necessary for this year ahead. The word that emerged was penetration.

As I meditated on the relevance of this word in the next phase of my life, I know that, for anyone, their day to day experience will mostly be determined by what’s present in their consciousness at the time. I also know that representative elements of the mass consciousness of humanity will always be present, for better or for worse. There are creative elements and destructive elements and, beyond all that, there’s the truth of who we our—our primal identity. All too often the content of our consciousness hinders rather than helps the emergence of our true selves, forming a thick blanket-like obstruction. A good word to describe that barrier is miasma. The dictionary definition is “a harmful or poisonous emanation, especially one caused by burning or decaying organic matter; an unwholesome or menacing atmosphere.” Images that I have seen of severe yellow-brown air pollution in Beijing come to mind. Clearly there’s some drastic action needed to address this unwholesome state of affairs.

As long as there are these clouds in consciousness, the outer world will reflect that. This is where the necessity for penetration comes in. If the true state is to be revealed, whatever it is that is shrouding that state needs to be penetrated—thoughts and feelings that don’t give evidence of true being dispelled in favor of what is authentic and real. Only then can the full glory of Creation be revealed.

There is a flow of cosmic energy that enlivens all of Creation. It is what gives Creation its form and manifestation. It’s beautiful, it’s pure, and it’s everlasting. It’s sometimes referred to as Love. This is the energy that penetrates and dispels the miasma, and humanity is designed to be the means by which this can happen at the level of consciousness.

The future of humanity can often seem bleak to me. I regularly use the night sky as a symbol that I can revisit to remind me of both the tranquility and the expansiveness of what I know to be true, and don’t always see or feel in my daily life. And sometimes when I look up into that sky, there are clouds, and I don’t see my friendly stars as I might do on other nights. But I have enough of a connection that I have established over the years to deeply know what’s there anyway. I can penetrate those clouds in my imagination and still connect with the beauty of the cosmos, because I already know the truth of what’s there. Clouds or no clouds, my connection is intact.

We can be confident that the true state is reliable and always present, even when the appearance of formed reality might seem to be telling us otherwise. The penetrating power of Universal Love is always at hand, easily capable of restoring newness and wholeness to a world clouded by the most seemingly intractable circumstances. Our trust in that makes all the difference.

Phil Richardson


Phil Richardson

PHIL RICHARDSON is an international speaker and teacher who invites people to reconnect with their deeper innate spiritual awareness and to bring that awareness into their everyday lives.


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