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The Perfection of Oneness


To have a conscious understanding of what oneness is, it’s helpful to have an understanding of what oneness isn’t: duality. There is one and there is two, oneness and duality. Duality is a misperception of polarity. Polarity is a spectrum where there are polar opposites at each end. In duality, something can be one thing but not the other. And yet in oneness, both ends are simply different expressions of the same spectrum.

One of the areas where I can see the difference between oneness and duality is in space and time. You’re not too early, you’re not too late—you’re right on time. In oneness, there is only this present moment, right now. That’s actually the only time we really can experience creation. But the mind can get in there and tell us that’s not actually the only reality that we’re in. What about the past and the future? The mind will try to convince us that there’s something else going on—that for some reason we’re not perfect and present right now. Being present specifically relates to space and time. And I think that one of the benchmarks for understanding oneness is perfection—to recognize and see perfection. Everything is perfect right now in this present moment and it could be no other way, or else it would be.

In space, there is the relationship between something that’s over there, that way or this way. Only I cannot experience something that is over there because I am here, not there. So once again, I cannot experience creation in any other place than right here, right now. And yet, the mind will tell us that we are in some way missing out on a better experience of creation over there because we are here. It can tell us that here is not as perfect of an experience as it could be if we were over there. We can let go of the idea that creation has to be some other way, that there is some other factor, some other place, some other time, in order for us to be able to experience perfection. We have the opportunity to move out of duality into oneness and realize that what’s happening right here and now is already perfect. I can realize that reality if I allow myself to see the perfection that is present rather than trying to make what’s present fit into my own idea of what perfection could be.

Another major way that I see the difference between oneness and duality is inside of our own mental perceptions of what is. I believe this is what’s being referred to in the Bible as the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Good, evil; good, bad; right, wrong; better than, less than. As soon as I fall into the trap of seeing my world through the lens of the realm of duality, then I exit out of the ability to see the is-ness or oneness of it all. Everything just is. All things simply are as they are. Creation is perfect exactly as it is, even if it doesn’t seem to meet my own personal preferences. I can let go of the ideas of trying to shift my world and the people in it into some form that I think they should be. I don’t have to try to change everything all the time so that it fits my own ideas of what is right rather than wrong. I don’t have to try to change what I see as bad things into good things or judge what might be showing up as less than into something that I think would be better.

I can let all of that go… if I can recognize that there is a voice inside my mind acting as an imposter, which is operating out of this duality perspective. The tools that this voice of duality is using are judgment and comparison. It’s comparing this to that, early to late, here to there, and everything else. When I listen to that voice, I fall into a trap and pull myself out of the ability to be present, to experience the perfection that’s available and exists in a state of oneness. And because of that, I’m scattered all over the place, lost within the illusion of duality, without a focal point to create from.

It’s my intention to be more aware, to be more conscious. It’s my call to myself and to all sentient beings to be more aware and conscious; to watch the mind, to watch the emotions, to see when we fall into that trap—when we’re speaking from and listening to the voice of the tyrant within ourselves, criticizing everything around us and then spreading that out onto others and into the world. I call to recognize it because it happens—we’re human. In fact, everybody’s doing it. It’s almost like we pretend that it’s okay because everybody’s doing it.

I know that we are here to stand for something different. We are WayShowers, paving and showing the way for a new experience of life. That takes courage and strength, to stand up against the way that it has always been, the way everyone else is doing it. That’s not necessarily about standing up against something outside oneself, fighting the structures of the world or anything that you see might be ‘wrong.’ It’s about standing up inside of oneself and taking that step into oneness. It’s about allowing oneself to see the perfection of what already is in the moment, here and now—standing for that, expressing that, living from that. Inside of that stance is where peace and true power is found. I can have a conscious understanding of some of these things, but if I’m not actually living in alignment, then I don’t really know it. It’s not really real for me in my life, even though it’s actually the only thing that is real. The One Reality.

So I want to step out of illusion into reality. I want to step out of duality into oneness. I want to step out of judgment and comparison into allowance and the embracing of what’s already there. Perfection—it’s in me and it’s in you and all of creation, everywhere and all the time. We are One and we are perfect!


-Gary Goodhue


Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.





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