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Thoughts, while gazing into the night sky at Midnight, Dec 31st, 2016


How many people are aware of their Universal connection—their connection into a larger pattern of being, in which everything is connected?

How many look up into the night sky and, recognising the stars as friends, marvel at their place in this Universe?

It is through this greater design that our relationships and the bonds we form with others are known and our destiny together can be acknowledged.

It is through this pattern of connection that the seeds of creativity that we each carry can fit together, manifest in our lives and have meaning.

As the cycles unfold we are each in the right place to bring forth exactly what is needed in the present circumstance, and in doing so, we seed the future.

I am reminded of the reference in Genesis to the “elohim,” the plural noun for God. “Let us make man in our image….” As we pour forth the seeds of love, enthusiasm, support and agreement into any situation, we are creating our future.

This is our nature. We are creator-beings and we create no matter what. I guess the question is, what are we creating in each moment?

Connection to a larger picture gives gravity and reassurance to our efforts—it gives perspective to the little things that irritate, frustrate and work on us, negatively impacting our relationships. There is so much more that is important! How we will impact our environment, how we will influence our community, and what leadership we could provide for friends and organisations. This is the perspective that carries lasting influence.

Held in these friendship patterns and connections we may wonder why the bonds are so strong, despite the vagaries of our current lives. Why do I love you so much?

Surrendering to a larger design for these patterns allows me to simply focus on being me, releasing all my creativity into Now, understanding that everything has a meaning and purpose and I don’t have to understand it all!

-Ruth Buckingham


RUTH BUCKINGHAM is a teacher of Primal Spirituality and travels internationally offering courses on spiritual awakening and transformation. Her practical approach encourages people to discover the truth of themselves.






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  1. Hello Ruth, a night or two after THE NIGHT OF JAN 1ST, I could not sleep and went to the window, drew the curtains back on a crisp clear night. The air was too cold for me to step outside and the path was icy, otherwise I would have braved the elements. But as I looked out of the window, it was at a time in the circulation of the Earth that I saw a wee section of the night sky. I was blown away as the saying goes, because the clarity hit me so much I felt I could reach out and touch the gems that sparkled at me, I was awed with the glory of it all, but felt so connected, called out “Hello” and within, felt a response. I went back to bed with a smile and a glow!”

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