Primal Spirituality assists people in their conscious journey through life. Currently, most courses are being offered in person at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, and at other sites around the globe. We are also launching our first course offered both in person and online—our one-year Leadership course. In the months to come, we will be rolling out online courses that allow people from all over the world to engage in a powerful, personal learning experience.

Primal Spirituality is based on the simple premise that the answer to the most significant questions in a person’s life are within them, and that true teaching assists a person to access those answers. The courses are life affirming and empowering, and they offer unique insights into the human experience from a spiritual perspective.

Participants find conscious tools for moving past ceilings that have limited them. They have the opportunity to re-vision their life and learn practical spirituality. And they learn tools to fulfill the true, inspiring visions they have already received. They develop emotional intelligence that allows them to become more effective in their personal and professional life. They find increased connection with others, greater happiness, and a path to the fulfillment of their life destiny. Primal Spirituality assists them to drink deeply of the waters within their own soul and to share that experience in the living of their life.

Participants become a source of support, empowerment, inspiration and guidance for others. They learn the practical application of spirituality for themselves, and become leaders and teachers who are sought out by others.