Mission and Philosophy



The mission of Primal Spirituality is to assist in the full emergence of the individual aspect of God that is the core reality of every human being.


We believe that the destiny of humanity depends on the full emergence of the Divine Reality within us all. Our courses assist people to vigorously develop their human capacities of body, mind, heart and spirit. They teach the surrender of those capacities to the Divine. Through that surrender, a person finds an unlimited resource of universal love and wisdom that is the basis for a creative life. In surrender, they know personal victory and oneness with the Divine Reality within themselves.

Practical Spirituality

We believe that spirituality has to be relevant to the living of a creative life, so our courses teach practical spirituality. The courses are designed to assist a person to experience the art of living creatively on earth in this world as it is. Practical spirituality is creative manifestation in all the forms of a person’s life. And also a feeling experience of joy, enthusiasm, peace and fulfillment.

So our courses assist the individual to have these experiences for themselves. They also offer training in how to be of service to others so that they may know practical spirituality in their own life. The courses bring insight and support for people developing the skills to teach and lead from a spiritual perspective.

Educational Method

We believe that the primary teacher for every person is the universal love and wisdom within them. Our courses are taught by people who assist the participant to access this resource. They are people who know, from experience, what it means to awaken spiritually, to learn and transform, and ultimately what it means to live a fulfilling life. They offer participants enlightened ways of understanding human experience. They coach and facilitate to introduce them to new experiences and support them on their path. They offer participants new insights to overcome challenges and to see new possibilities.

We believe that people learn best when they experience the welcome and safety of an environment in which there is respect for them as an individual and for their life path.

We believe in the power of experiential education. So our courses offer a mix of many different teaching and facilitating modes, which include the direct experience of the subject at hand. We encourage participants to apply their learnings in their life. And we offer work-study experiences that allow a person to learn, and to apply their learnings while working in one of our Centers.

Our educational process engages and develops the whole person: body, mind, heart and spirit.

Emotional Intelligence

We understand emotional intelligence to be a key factor in connecting a person with the universal love and wisdom within them, and in expressing those realities in their life. Emotional intelligence is also a key factor in forging relationships with other people and the world around us. And it plays an important role in physical and mental health. So our courses offer an enlightened understanding of emotional experience as a gift for the living of a fulfilled life. They offer tools to assist a person to know mastery of their own emotional experience from a spiritual perspective, so that emotions become a deeply empowering factor in a person’s life.

7 Facets of a Fulfilled Life

Primal Spirituality assists a person to develop seven essential facets of experience that lead to a fulfilled life. These are experiences that a person can know for themselves. They are also qualities of the flow of spiritual expression through the person to others and to their world.