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Crystal spires gleam in luscious green gardens


Crystal spires gleam in luscious green gardens

The air is filled with fragrance rare

and all hearts beat as one.

I hold my head high as I sing the joy of creation

walking softly on the earth in blessing.


And then I enter the world….

Mostly I notice the cold

with people drawn in on themselves from the weather

Mostly I long for the sunlit crystal halls

Mostly I sigh as I move with aching slowness upon this ravaged place.


Softly, secretly, I carry my light

Softly walking the paths, lighting the way

Strongly, carefully, I seep into the hearts

of the lonely and those longing,

pulsing the glittering Presence, so close.

I give Grace, give heart, give song, oh my people,

Rise up!


I bring Myself softly to the world

turning each murmur to a hymn of Praise,

each gasp is given a true drink of water

freshly filled from my heart

All hearts now beat as One.


-Ruth Buckingham


RUTH BUCKINGHAM is a teacher of Primal Spirituality and travels internationally offering courses on spiritual awakening and transformation. Her practical approach encourages people to discover the truth of themselves.





Playing with Consciousness


When we hear the word “play,” many of us may think of children in playgrounds or recreational, idle-time activities. We may believe that play is great for people who have the time and need to relax, but work is what advances us—makes the world go round. Do you remember when the majority of your time was spent in play? Do you remember when that may have begun to shift and you felt pressure to spend more time in activities commonly defined as work? Do you remember how you felt about that? Apparently, just when we get comfortably resigned to responsibility, work, and achievement it turns out that it’s really mostly about the play:

  • Play is the exultation of the possible. – Martin Buber
  • Almost all creativity involves purposeful play. – Abraham Maslow
  • The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct. -Carl Jung
  • The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression. – Brian Sutton-Smith

The good news (well, besides playing—c’mon, that’s pretty great!) is that playing in consciousness works really well.

Reality is subjective. Our collective and individual realities are subject to our consciousness—individual and collective:

  • I say potato; you say “po-tah-to.”
  • The pain in my hip is very real to me, not so much to you.
  • Liver is disgusting or delicious.
  • The U.S. (Mexico, Thailand, Germany…) is the greatest country on earth
  • It’s too hot out today.

Reality IS consciousness. The more conscious we are in the moment, the more effective we are at creating a meaningful reality, and, if we’re not conscious at all, there is no meaningful reality. Luckily for us, we are given amazing gifts with which to manifest our consciousness into reality:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Physical form
  • Free will (ok, that one may be up for debate)
  • Imagination
  • Sense of humor

These are all gifts we get to use to sculpt our consciousness into a reality where our human capacities can meet and play. This world is a sublime and perfect stage on which we get to play.

Sometimes the things we see happening around us seem “real” and confusing or painful or horribly unjust. Maybe they’re just manifestations of our own reactivity to what’s happening; maybe they just are. Regardless, what we DO with them, how we respond to them, is ours alone. You can change the direction from which you view something much more effectively and productively than you can change the thing itself:

  • Put yourself in my shoes.
  • Spend some time in someone else’s skin.
  • Just imagine what it’s like to be him/her!
  • Empathy creates; sympathy sedates.
  • Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you’ll be a mile away and have his shoes. (Steve Martin)

Trying to change the world to fit a single, frozen-in-time, possibly-wounded view of the world makes no sense to me, and probably wouldn’t do any good, regardless of intentions. Seems that it’s better to be conscious than to be right, since consciousness provides access to so much more—possibility, tools, connection, love—and being right doesn’t encourage growth/change or foster connection—two things required to co -create.

Empathy is a fantastic tool to increase our ability to be conscious and to enrich the quality of our consciousness—our reality. Empathy emphasizes the true oneness of all being and goes far to erase the lines that keep us divided. The most effective leaders seem to be those who have empathy for the people they lead. And watching small children who haven’t yet individuated and are more in sync seems to show that empathy makes play a lot more creative and generative.

Play can take us out of ourselves and can allow space for new growth and new consciousness. Play can help us with perspective—to view things in a new way. Play can give us the freedom to stop taking ourselves so seriously, thereby opening the way to take ourselves more as we really are rather than as we think we want to be. Empathetic play means we can do it together. So let’s play in the fields of consciousness and see what happens!


-Heather Ryan


Heather Ryan has 30 years of experience as a technical writer and editor, most recently in the health care industry. She currently lives and works at Sunrise Ranch, and loves the opportunity to practice communion and unconditional love in all aspects of her living. Heather is passionate about learning, exploring/traveling, and spending time outdoors, and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to do all of that at Sunrise Ranch in her almost-home state of Colorado.


Wonder Woman as the Queen of Primal Spirituality?


What if I told you that the feminine icon for Primal Spirituality is not Mother Theresa, not the Virgin Mary, and not even Marianne Williamson? You’d probably say, “What?” Well, with all due appreciation for Marianne, Mary, and Theresa, I want to advance for your consideration the Hollywood reinvention of  Wonder Woman as portrayed by Gal Gadot as the new Queen of primal spirituality.

Think about it. In the summer feature epic adventure, Wonder Woman is raised in a pristine Edenic feminine surround where her innocence and sense of the sacred are fully protected. She epitomizes the unbroken primal bond. Her sense of mission is always vertical in seeking to restore a world in which the creative gods rule and the god of destruction—Aries—is dissolved. Her actions are propelled by the largest sense of purpose and never side-tracked by addiction, hobbies, material goods, nor relationships.

Although due to her sheltered upbringing, Wonder Woman seems overly naïve and virginal by human standards, she nevertheless brings a higher wisdom uncompromised by fear, angst, and ego. In the face of sophisticated British parliamentary politics and camouflaged motivations, she cuts right through the Gordian knot of human complexities and immediately pursues only that which will restore a just, sane, and safe society.

I’m not suggesting that Wonder Woman, nor any other super-hero, become an absolute role model for children. After all, her passion for justice is so strong that she ignores human laws, abandons family, and sets aside no time to “smell the roses.” She is, after all, a stereotype—an action figure characterized as much by physical prowess as by mental, emotional, and spiritual courage. And yet, beneath the caricature is a moral exemplar for fully liberated womanhood unfettered by arbitrary patriarchy, cynicism, and bureaucracy.

Nor does she wish to abandon that which is primal—that is, that which is instinctive and primary—in her motivation. So, as super-heroes go, Wonder Woman is as wholesome, as genuine, and as focused as they get. Nor does the casting of the Israeli model/actress, Gal Gadot take away from the expectations that a Lynda Carter look-alike must resurrect through the role. Gadot brings a freshness, effectiveness and fearlessness which makes you wish that she was your neighbor, a police chief, and president all rolled into one.

To be sure many will call for a softer, gentler, more meditative icon in their image of “divine woman” rather than an Amazon-trained warrior. And that is where our images of the Virgin Mary, Mother Theresa, Marianne Williamson and numerous others, arise. There are thousands of faces of “Mother God,” just as there are of “Father God,” and each is only one aspect of the Divine. All are needed to populate a community of angels on earth. Clearly there are more holistic, multi-dimensional, refined images of God than any one mythic, super-human can bring to light.

Still, we are talking about media that matter and considering how you will choose to spend your hard-earned twenty dollar bill at the movies on a Friday night. If you are tired of the same old images of constrained women wearing habits and burkas as our role models for spirituality and if you like what you see in the courage of Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkle, and Theresa May as political role models for aspiring young women—and yet you note that the world is becoming more violent, fragmented, and parched despite women’s leadership, and you are tired of all the women and men who know all the right spiritual clichés but who do nothing to change the world—then vote for Wonder Woman by heading to your local theater and bring the whole family.

Wonder Woman may ultimately be celluloid and thus “fake” but she ignites something real, true, primal and spirited in all of us.


-Tom Cooper


TOM COOPER is currently guest scholar at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii, Stanford and Berkeley and professor at Emerson College (Boston).  Musician, black belt, and playwright, he has written eight books and two hundred published articles, been advisor to the Elders Project (with Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter and others),  co-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and is co-publisher of MEDIA ETHICS magazine.




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