For people who are on a journey of spiritual awakening and personal development, Primal Spirituality offers a great opportunity. You may be interested in deepening your experience of the sacred. Or you may want to take a workshop to understand more about your relationships with other people. You may be in the midst of a new spiritual awakening, or perhaps you feel stuck in a certain area of your life. Whatever is next for you, there are amazing workshops and seminars offered here, with gifted teachers and facilitators to assist you on your journey.

Primal Spirituality has a history with roots that go back to correspondence courses offered by Lloyd A. Meeker in the 1930s, such as Steps to Mastership and Letters to You. He brought enlightened understanding of the destiny of a human life and the destiny of humanity.

Meeker and a group of committed spiritual pioneers founded Sunrise Ranch in 1945 as a home for their educational program. They realized that a physical site for their work helped people to ground their spiritual experience in real-life situations. Sunrise Ranch continues to be a home for Primal Spirituality to this day.

Primal Spirituality is based in the understanding that you can’t think yourself into happiness and fulfillment. And that real learning and personal development require a nourishing of the soul and activation of the human spirit. Underlying all our courses is the understanding that the answers to the most significant questions in a human life are found as a person finds their relationship with a larger reality that transcends the human world.

Primal Spirituality is for you if you have the desire to:

  • Awaken spiritually
  • Step more fully into your own authentic spiritual core
  • Learn to ground enlightenment in practical experience
  • Master the complex range of human emotion
  • Provide leadership for personal and collective transformation


Emissary Centers provide a special environment for this work. Each Center provides a unique atmosphere for learning and transformation.

Be bold and take another step in your life journey

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