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Healing Chant

Since the beginning of history, human beings have used sound to inform and receive information from their environment, to communicate with each other, and to heal and transform. One of the most powerful sound healing tools known to man is the age-old technique of chant. Chanting produces sound vibrations that resonate through the body, affecting the inner workings of our physical body as well as our mental and emotional states. This has a therapeutic effect on an individual by activating the body’s natural healing process.

Scientific research has revealed that the heart rate slows and blood pressure lowers while a person is chanting. Sound healing and chant can help to balance the brain hemispheres, normalize hormone production, and induce alpha brainwave activity and deeper meditation experiences. Relief from stress and anxiety, improved concentration and enhanced creativity are other positive results that are often experienced by those that engage in regular chanting.

With the focused use of sound through chant, combined with intention, we may begin to vibrate faster at a cellular or molecular level. This is a practical method of “raising your frequency.” We are fundamentally composed of energy and exist eternally in a state of vibration. Every molecule, cell, organ, tissue and gland in our body is vibrating at its own specific rate. The electromagnetic field, or aura, of the body and the more subtle energy fields that are part of our makeup are also always vibrating. The frequency of vibrations that make up who we are can shift and be uplifted with chant. Healing Chant will give you a working knowledge of sound, intention, vibration and energy that can effect powerful changes on every level of a person’s being.


The highest inherent purpose for chanting has always been for deeper spiritual connection and experiences of oneness consciousness. Chanting helps us to release the busy preoccupation with our bodies, self-active minds and material concerns, and we begin to identify with the timelessness of the soul. It can aid in opening our perceptions of ourselves and awakening the divine light and love within us. By elevating our vibration with certain combinations of sounds and intention, we are able to access more expansive levels of love, wholeness, peace and innate intelligence, or higher consciousness.

For millennia, ancient mystics have recognized the source of life-giving energy as resting within the depth of the soul and have accessed this inner power through the voice. Healing Chant brings this process into a current, modern practice that uses musical tones and the human energy field to transmute unresolved experiences, release limitations and bring healing and upliftment. Healing Chant works with the parts of the human experience that need mending and draws on our inner spiritual resources to promote harmony, wholeness and well-being. Healing Chant is an energy medicine practice that utilizes focused intention and vocal sound resonance to create a vibrant, radiant energetic field on an individual and collective level.


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David Karchere leads the Healing Chant workshop and is a passionate and empowering teacher of practical spirituality. He assists people to attune to their highest levels of conscious awareness and to sustain that attunement through all phases of the human experience. David is one of the originators of Healing Chant and has taught this course in multiple countries all over the world. He is a firm believer of the power of chant and he chants on a regular basis. David is a writer, poet and the spiritual leader of the intentional community Sunrise Ranch, International Headquarters of Emissaries of Divine Light.

Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat Center in Loveland, Colorado, has programs that empower personal transformation and world service; conference facilities for leading-edge organizations; opportunities to participate in our 350-acre ranch and farm; connection with like-minded people in this multifaceted spiritual community.