Develop your skills in the art and science of bringing balance, flow and ease to clients through your shared healing energy.

Attunement is a spiritual practice and a form of vibrational alignment that evolved out of the work begun in 1929 by Lloyd Meeker, founder of Emissaries of Divine Light. This approach acknowledges that each of us is a combination of human/physical substance, drawn from the earth, and Being—the invisible, animating life force. Inherent in Being is unlimited energy and purpose coming from Source. Attunement is a nontouch technique of sharing a radiant energy current through the hands of the practitioner over areas of the body, focused on the endocrine system.

The Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch is a program that includes a seven-day, two-part course in Attunement. The training covers principles, techniques and practices of Attunement, and ethics as Right Use of Power. You will also learn daily practices that assist people to sustain their attunement beyond the session.

The Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch 2015

Part I – January 21 to 24

Part II – February 19 to 21

Attunement offers:

  • A profound sense of inner peace; an opening to the animating life force
  • An experience of the sacredness of your own body temple
  • A way to bring spiritual healing to others

You will learn:

  • A map of energetic gateways present in the human body
  • The foundational principles of opening these gateways
  • Attunement philosophy, technique and application in daily living

The Attunement School program is spiritually based, although we do not teach or espouse any religion or doctrine. We welcome people of any faith, and we welcome people who do not subscribe to any religious faith, as long as there is an openness to the innate life energy that is natural to everyone.

The Attunement courses are offered by donation. Graduation from this program is one of the requirements to be certified as an Attunement Practitioner.

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