Full Self Emergence

Full Self Emergence

There comes a time in a person’s life when they are called to experience a new focus and a fresh beginning. A time to make space for the deep peace and stillness within you and let that become more real. A time to share the creative spirit within you and to let that experience grow. A time to open and learn what is essential for you on the next stage of your journey.

Full Self Emergence is a seven-month residential work-study program for spiritual awakening and personal development at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. It is an opportunity to engage as a visiting member of the Sunrise Ranch intentional community, which is committed to being a teaching and demonstration site that brings practical spirituality to the world.

Full Self Emergence begins on April 6, 2015. Applicants may apply to participate in the Sunrise Ranch community prior to the beginning of the course.

Through this program you will learn basic principles of practical spirituality, and you will learn to apply those principles to all the experiences available at Sunrise Ranch:

Personal Development
Home and Relationships
Spiritual Practice
Care for the Natural World
Meaningful Work
Life-Giving Culture

Full Self Emergence is based on the core belief that a human life is a journey in which the inner reality of the individual seeks to emerge through their human experience. Joy and fulfillment are known when that process is allowed to occur fully and naturally.

Every person cannot help but contemplate the larger questions of life at some point. The most essential question is “Who am I?” Full Self Emergence assists the individual to find the core of the answer to that question in a process of inner discovery and self-realization. The course helps a person to connect with the Divine Reality within them and to harmonize with the connective threads that exist everywhere in creation. From the awareness and truth of your own inner nature, you can begin to allow something new and powerful to emerge from within you and express out into the world.

Full Self Emergence teaches a person to see beyond the self-absorbed, materially oriented, personal perspectives that can often limit our interactions and expression in the world. It invites us to discover another dimension of Self, eternally resting right below the surface. Here a person finds an unlimited resource of universal love and wisdom that creates a solid foundation for a happy, fulfilled, creative life, regardless of the outer circumstances or situations. This realm of Being is the source of all inspiration, insight, peace, power and joy. This Divine Reality is the eternal essence of who we are, and the ever-expanding experience of this is the result of all spiritual awakening and transformational work.

Opening up to this Reality within gives us an inner strength and assurance, so that we can begin to know ourselves as a more connected, loving presence with a larger influence in our world. Engaging with other people, the natural world, and most importantly with ourselves, life becomes a loving dance of service and growth with the wisdom and power of the universe leading us into new realms. The full emergence of the Self through a human life generates blessings and creative manifestations in all areas of a person’s experience.

You discover that you are a Creator Being and are learning to create with conscious awareness, while being guided by your connection to the Divine Reality and the inherent love and wisdom found within. This is practical spirituality and living life in attunement with the operating forces and laws of creation.

Each person has unique gifts to bring and to share with the world, things only we can offer that can be of great use and value to others. Giving these gifts is vital to our sense of fulfillment and our ability to carry forth our own mission or life purpose. This program provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere that welcomes a person to powerfully offer those gifts. They come into a greater discovery of what is uniquely theirs to give, and they discover the forms of service to which they feel called. Full Self Emergence is designed to assist a person while they are going through this individualized and universal process of awakening.

The faculty and staff at Sunrise Ranch have personally experienced the process of awakening and transformation within their own lives and know what it means to hold a loving and clear space for another during their process. Living, learning and working in the atmosphere provided at Sunrise Ranch gives a person the opportunity to immerse themselves in practical spirituality on a moment-by-moment basis, while inviting more of the full Self to emerge into daily life experience.

The philosophy of Sunrise Ranch is to honor Universal Being in all of Creation. And most importantly in ourselves. This philosophy is the foundation of the Full Self Emergence Program. Click Here to Read More.

If you feel ready to walk a path that lets the fullness of your spirit come forth, and you desire to engage in an environment where that is welcomed, we invite you to consider Full Self Emergence.

What the Program Includes

Participation in the spiritual and learning of the Sunrise Ranch Community

  • Monday Core Power Sessions
    • Sessions for men and women
    • Body-centered spiritual practice
    • Teachings that presents an enlightened understanding of the process of Full Self Emergence
    • Transformation Groups
  • Weekly Services
  • Healing Chant
  • Spiritual Dialogue Sessions

Weekly Individual Coaching with an experienced member of the Sunrise Ranch Core Staff

Transformational Week-Long Intensives

  • The Art of Living
  • The Deepening

Weekly Individual Attunements and Attunement Training

Attunement is an experience of deep stillness, vibrational healing and spiritual transformation


  • Participants make an important contribution to the operation and development of Sunrise Ranch
  • Areas of work include:
    • Organic farm and ranch
    • Sunrise kitchen
    • Conference and Retreat service
    • Gardening and landscaping
    • Publications and administration
    • Property management and maintenance


The 2015 program is 7 months long, beginning April 6 and ending November 2, 2015. Accepted participants are asked to arrive not later than April 3, 2015.

Fee Structure

The tuition for the 7-month program is $1,500. A deposit of 50% of tuition and $150 for credit and services is required upon acceptance; the remainder of the tuition must be paid at least two weeks prior to arrival at Sunrise Ranch. The $150 for credit and services will be refunded (less any amounts owed Emissaries of Divine Light) within 60 days of the residency termination at Sunrise Ranch. Families are welcome to participate in the program together. The cost of accommodation for children is $100 per child per month. Sunrise Ranch offers food and accommodation as a part of the program.

Cancellation Policy

A refund of 50% will be given if a cancellation is submitted, in writing, up to three weeks prior to the program entry date. Within three weeks prior to the program entry date, emergency cancellations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Either party can terminate participation in the program at any time but no refund, partial or otherwise, will be due.

Applying To The Program

Email the completed application to Internship Registrar Keahi Ewa at Internships@sunriseranch.org

Upon review of your application, you will be contacted with further information.

Additional Contact Information:
Keahi Ewa
100 Sunrise Ranch Road
Loveland, Colorado 80538
Email: Internships@sunriseranch.org
Phone: (970) 679-4349