World Service Program

World Service Program

The World Service Program is a series of courses that guide the participant through an experience of spiritual awakening and transformation, and develops enlightened leadership from a spiritual perspective. The courses are designed to be taken in sequence, with each one building on the experience of the previous course.

 ♦   The Art of Living:   A seven-day residential retreat for those who wholeheartedly want to engage with life and play a vital role in creating an enlightened society. A journey that will change the way you see yourself.

    The Deepening:   An eight-day residential retreat designed to increase your ability to bring the universal spirit of love clearly and powerfully into every situation. The course initiates personal renewal, transformation, and deep learning that is at the heart of your life-mission and purpose.

    From a High Place:   An eight-day residential retreat for spiritual altitude and vision. Participants experience new insight and awareness that positions them to be of profound service to others.

    Leadership:   A year-long program to discover and enhance your inherent qualities as an inspiring and transformational leader.