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Key of Understanding



Have you ever had something not work out well because you didn’t understand something important? Undoubtedly, the ability to understand is an important key for any endeavor to be a success. Whether it be a relationship, a project, manifestation, spirituality, nature or anything else… understanding is key.  There is no faster path to folly than acting without having an understanding of what is influencing of one’s actions. Thankfully, we all have degrees of natural understandings in certain areas of life. Particular strengths, abilities or gifts that come naturally to us. In all the other areas, we mostly develop and gain understanding as we mature through learning, experience and honest reflection.

Understanding is the dynamic between the emotional and the mental, the realms of feeling and of thinking. Understanding is about more than just thinking about your feelings. It is the ability of the self to feel and be aware of the patterns of energies that are present. And the ability of the conscious mind to discern the types of energies in operation within the factors at play in your life experiences. What’s happening, why and how is it happening? Begin to look below the surface and behind the curtain for true understanding. There are always patterns of energy playing out within all of our circumstances. There are also always patterns of energy playing out within ourselves and our own personal sphere of reality.

MaturityEverything is made of energy!  All of creation has an energetic component. Our connection to energy exists through our feelings. And energy moves through us as emotions. When we perceive and recognize a pattern of energy that is present, we have some conscious understanding of what is happening and the invisible cause for what’s going on under the surface of our experiences. Consciousness and Energy.  Mind and Heart. Understanding.

Every moment brings a new opportunity to look for understanding. What it requires is moving out of a position of automatically reacting to the outside world as it is happening and to move into a state of innocence and inquiry to discover the truth of what is and why. This can happen with either one’s own internal experience or the outer experience that involves external situations and other people. It is a simple practice and only takes a moment: a moment of stillness… a moment of centering. Feel into your personal world and be sincere in the desire to understand what you perceive. Then think about the dynamics present, the people and the situation, what might be motivating others, what is motivating you and what course of action would work out best for all concerned. This discipline will definitely be invaluable to the one who practices it. Try it out, and enjoy!

-Gary Goodhue


GaryG-profile.picGary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.



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