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Crystal spires gleam in luscious green gardens


Crystal spires gleam in luscious green gardens

The air is filled with fragrance rare

and all hearts beat as one.

I hold my head high as I sing the joy of creation

walking softly on the earth in blessing.


And then I enter the world….

Mostly I notice the cold

with people drawn in on themselves from the weather

Mostly I long for the sunlit crystal halls

Mostly I sigh as I move with aching slowness upon this ravaged place.


Softly, secretly, I carry my light

Softly walking the paths, lighting the way

Strongly, carefully, I seep into the hearts

of the lonely and those longing,

pulsing the glittering Presence, so close.

I give Grace, give heart, give song, oh my people,

Rise up!


I bring Myself softly to the world

turning each murmur to a hymn of Praise,

each gasp is given a true drink of water

freshly filled from my heart

All hearts now beat as One.


-Ruth Buckingham


RUTH BUCKINGHAM is a teacher of Primal Spirituality and travels internationally offering courses on spiritual awakening and transformation. Her practical approach encourages people to discover the truth of themselves.





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