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Divine Identity


divine-identityWhat is divine? The answer is that which is of God. That is you. Go ahead and say it to yourself, “I Am of God. I Am divine.” Do you believe it? This is not an argument of whether or not it is true. The question is about your level of belief and acceptance around this aspect of your identity.

God is the source of all power. Love is the source of all power. God is Love. This is the ONE out of which multiplicity happens and makes creation and consciousness possible. This is the Source with which all things flow. But God is not the source of your power.

You are the source of your power. God has already imbued you with infinite capacities for all things. God does not have to bestow more power to you. You simply have to open up to what is already available. You have to learn to get out your own way. One way to do that is to stop identifying as the one standing in the way by starting to identify as the one on the other side waiting for you to catch up.

Whether you consciously recognize it or not, you are an individuated spark of God. You are a child of God, like a baby-god or a godling. And right now your realm to create, learn and grow is Earth, the physical schoolroom.

The core of your being is the mighty I Am presence. It is the awakened presence of God. It is the great Omni-God of All That Is, holographically individuated into a point of perspective within the whole. This is not only the core of your being, it is the deepest reality of who you are. You are I Am.

Becoming aware of this does not mean that you automatically have the experiences of it. Far from it. Awareness is the first step in the process of consciously creating. As we become aware of something, we can explore it divine-identity-2and come to understand it. Then it is much easier to truly identify with it in oneself as experiencing it has brought one from a place of believing into a place of knowing.

And yet, we must start in a place of believing in order to open the doors that lead to the experience of knowing. Sometimes a person can have inner experiences and no awareness or understanding of what is happening. This experience did not stem from a belief. It is completely foreign from one’s paradigm of reality. And yet there it is, unexplainable and often misunderstood. Then we begin to form beliefs around the experience without the rest of the picture.

inner-godWe are always catching glimpses of I Am, our own God presence, communicating to us in many ways. We get ourselves in trouble and get in our own way when we try to interpret them from the physical mind. A glimpse is an invitation to go deeper within your Self to the source of all answers. Communication is always happening. We simply have to practice listening.

I Am is the inner God reality. Everything that could be available through growth and development is already available in this reality. It is already, always present and available. We’ve forgotten how to access it, so we need the learning and growth because we believe that it is separate from us. We believe that we are separate from it. As long as that belief is present, we have to transcend it by developing a different belief.

There is an inherent eternal and infinite presence already, always available to us. It is always available because it is a part of us, a part of you. It is the part that is left when you strip away all the others ways that you identify yourself. Believing in it helps you become aware of it. Being aware of it allows you the opportunity to choose it. Choosing it opens you to a greater experience of it and reveals what’s obstructing it. Experiencing it and removing the obstructions to greater experiences leads to the sense of knowing. The sense of knowing then solidifies as a new perspective of self-identity.


-Gary Goodhue


GaryG-profile.picGary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.


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