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In the beginning, there was One. One reality. One consciousness. One being. One experience. The One exists within All That Is and All That Is exists within The One. This may sound paradoxical.

To understand this paradox and the experience of Oneness individuated into a singular, unique perspective, I’ve provided a visual example that works for me.

Imagine a perfectly round circle on a blank white board. Now imagine that your totality of experience is the white board, the circle and everything inside and outside the circle on the white board. It is all that is and it is your experience. Nothing exists outside of this white board with a circle and therefore there is nothing else to experience except this.

Seen up close, the circle is actually not a perfectly round circle. There are jagged edges and slight imperfections all around it. The background is not perfectly white and blank. There are other lighter circles that intersect each other. These circles are translucent and not a bold black color like the circle in the middle. They have variations in them and although they follow a pattern, there are also finite imperfections present. The inside of the circle is not empty. There are contours and differing degrees of elevation. It is not a flat surface. There are dimensions, like layers upon layers, that are present but not easily visible to a quick and passing glance.

Even though all those variations and imperfections are present, you are simply aware of a circle on a white board. This is the fullness of your reality, in all of its glory. You know all these other things are there however they are all part of the one reality you are experiencing, the one circle. There is no relativity to experience the fine distinctions and differences of detail within the picture. You simply know the whole picture as a circle and experience it all the same as one singular image.

Now imagine that you want to have a different experience of this picture. You want a different perspective than the fullness of the image in its own totality. So you decide to narrow your perception to a single point within the image. You manifest your awareness to perceive the picture from a point just outside of the circle, on the bottom left side. This is kind of like zooming in after having been able to see the entire image. You maintain the awareness of what the picture looked like from an expanded perspective and you are also able to experience it from within the picture itself.

You now have a limited perspective and therefore the experience of relativity. You see only a partial piece of the circle that looks more like a curved line with sharp edges and bumpy curves. If you forget about the big pictureof a circle. Because of your perspective, you are also aware of these other see-through circles that are going on all around you and the further hidden designs within them. They are in your immediate field of awareness and part of the , you might not even realize that this seemingly curved line is part things that you can see now that you are zoomed in and looking more closely at what is in this bottom left part of the picture, from within the picture itself.

It is like you have gone from experiencing the fullness of the white board with the circle in the middle of it to only being able to perceive what is directly in the bottom left corner of the white board. The longer you exist there, the easier it is to believe that it is the full reality. You may vaguely remember the whole image as a full circle, but feel trapped in the bottom left corner. You only know where you are and can only see what’s close to you.

I wonder if this is something like the experience of being human. Do we forget the big picture omnipresence because we are so absorbed with our own little corner? Do we have access to the big picture and the awesome totality of a perfect circle even if we’ve forgotten what it looks or feels like?

I like to think so. However, this blog was not designed to state fact, only to paint a picture and propose a perspective. Simply something to think about…


-Gary Goodhue


Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.


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  1. Dear Gary, thank you for this, you have worded it so well. It enfolds and embraces one’s full being. I have searched and re-searched religion and spirituality and in line with you I have come to understand that there is no here and there, God and hu-man. All one is the dream and the reality. Bless your heart. Love, Margaret.

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