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World of Mirrors


Everyone is a mirror for everyone else. Each one of us is providing a point of reflection for others that allows each one to see themselves from a different perspective.

In a world of mirrors, everyone and everything is One at the core and yet what is showing up in each person is individuated and absolutely unique within expression. Within the uniqueness, there are universal patterns and principles that are playing out. These are the mass humanity patterns vs the individual patterns. When we look out into the world, all of the universal patterns are represented, divine design and distortions, and we see them in others as reflections.

Other people are providing mirrors for us, and hence the opportunity to look within ourselves to see how a particular universal pattern of energy is playing out in our own unique, individual expression. We recognize things more easily in others than in ourselves and so recognizing the mirrors is important.

We play the mirror game consciously when we are engaged in our own process of self-reflection. If not, then we are engaged in a process of projection instead. We see the reflection of another uniquely expressing a type of energy representing a universal pattern. Our feelings show us our own relationship with that energy pattern as it is existing within ourselves. We can unconsciously project onto the other person as being the source of our feelings—good or bad. Whether we are blessing or judging them, they are simply representing a type of pattern, which is being reflected back to us.

We hold all universal patterns within ourselves, some are active and some are not. This reflection dynamic works out with the things we don’t like in others (reactions) as well as the things we adore in others (love response)—it’s all a reflection. We have a choice of what we do with the reflections we see in ourselves and others.

100% Responsibility is owning the entire thing. Both sides of the coin, both sides of the mirror. The same as other people are holding reflections for us, we are also holding reflections for others. Owning one’s own emotional reactions to others and self-reflecting instead of projecting is consciously navigating the mirror world looking outward at other mirrors. Then there is looking inward at one’s own mirror. Even if I accept that my emotional reactions are all my own and the work to be done is within myself and has nothing to do with that other person, the truth still remains that the other person is expressing the type of energy pattern that I am reacting to within myself.

I might see someone being lazy and become reactive toward them, becoming aware that I am holding lazy energy that I don’t like about myself. That does not discount the fact that they are also expressing lazy energy. It just highlights that my reactive feelings have more to do with me than it does with them. When I transform my own laziness pattern, I am still able to see it in the other person but it does not move me. I am aware. I accept them without judgments and make choices around that person with the discernment of my awareness.

Since the mass human pattern has been majorly using projection, spiritual restoration must have something to do with self-reflection. When other people are having reactions as we are working them, we are compelled to bring their attention back to this principle of self-reflection.

It is also wise to be aware that there are sometimes people who project their own patterns onto sources that are not actually holding an expression of that pattern. The majority of the time however, a person is reacting because they see a reflection and responding to that as a trigger point, which then sets up a pattern of projection.

A second stage of self-reflection is looking within the self as holding the expression that another is seeing as a reflection and reacting to within them. If we are conscious and awake, then we can help them work with their own reactions the same way that we would do within ourselves. It is important, however, that we also look within ourselves to see how we might be providing a trigger point through our own expression. Not that we are responsible for other’s reactions, but we are responsible for our own expression and the response it generates. It is a two-way mirror. There is what’s coming to us and what we’re putting out.

When a person is not self-reflecting, they are under the perception that there is some issue with the other person and it has nothing to do with them. That’s often simply not the case. Each person is at the center of their world and responsible for their own experience. If we are willing to display our own self-reflection and take ownership of that expression when another is in reaction, then we show them an example of how to self-reflect. This can end the cycle of projection. We must be honest in our own process, and it will inspire others to do the same work within themselves.

In Truth, I Am the One Being I Am, as are you. When I am doing both sides of the self-reflection in relationship with others, it allows me to see myself in another. I am calling forth for myself a higher degree of responsibility as I believe that will call forth a higher degree of power from a higher power. This is what I want to create for my world and the world that I am connected to. So may it be.


-Gary Goodhue


Gary Goodhue is a student and teacher of consciousness and creation. He focuses on bringing deep principles of Truth and Love into practical, every day application. The results are increased presence, clarity, peace, focus and power.





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  1. So good to have read your words about the mirrors and the outside and inside projections .
    Its great to you have shared your thoughts and I have been thinking along the same lines in the world I live .
    So the world with the mirrors are moving through the skies, because we are living in a distance from one and other , but at the same time very close in spirit , and there is an big space beyond the mirrors I find if I am still and and contemplating

    Joy to the world of the exploring newness Irene

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