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World of Mirrors

  Everyone is a mirror for everyone else. Each one of us is providing a point of reflection for others that allows each one to see themselves from a different perspective. In a world of mirrors, everyone and everything is One at the core and yet what is showing up in each person is individuatedContinue Reading


  In the beginning, there was One. One reality. One consciousness. One being. One experience. The One exists within All That Is and All That Is exists within The One. This may sound paradoxical. To understand this paradox and the experience of Oneness individuated into a singular, unique perspective, I’ve provided a visual example thatContinue Reading

Center of Being

  Everything in creation has a point of center. Everything in our physical universe is in a continual state of motion. These motions are coordinated and under the direction of some invisible intelligence. Everything is also always moving around a central point that has a power of influence over its motions. The earth itself hasContinue Reading

Dimensions of Consciousness

  Consciousness is realized awareness. In the deepest and most profound reality available, all is one and all is love. This can be difficult to truly comprehend because our consciousness is linked to the mass consciousness of humanity. The mass consciousness is, for the most part, is operating out of fear and a sense ofContinue Reading